Qufu HaiHua Hi-Hech Co., Ltd has the design, research, development, production, marketing ,.the company based on the international market, As the cornerstone of high-tech talent ,the latest technology as the driving force for the import and export right channel, committed to research and development of high-tech products.. Ten years of research and development of sophisticated products to export more than twenty economically developed countries in Europe and America.
Qufu HaiHua Hi-Hech Co., Ltd has always insisted on the spirit of enterprise: "people-oriented, the company is family, unity coordination, quality and efficiency" .
Our company in China developed sealing products for China's steam locomotives, diesel locomotives. Achieve ten years zero leakage for provide 1000-10000 tons forging machinery sealing. The seal is acceptaned by the PV, and is developing the appropriate product for China's fourth-generation nuclear power evaporator.
We have provided megaton tankers seal products about fifteen years for United States and Europe, in 2011 we provided new energy seal products for the United States .
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Our spirit

Be creative and enterprising, united and cooperative; be an honest person, careful and dedicated.
Our values
We acknowledge that fact all the values of enterprise are created by labor, knowledge, entrepreneur and capital.
Operating policy
Taking Human as orient, market as guideline, technology as base, industry as standard, quality as guarantee and world as goal.
Our philosophy
Treating every customer sincerely and honestly; think in the way customers think, always put the interests of its clients first; to get survival by excellent quality
* Qil-Free Self-lubricating Pistons Patented
PTFE automatic molding machine
2 PTFE Valve Seat HSZ
4 Piston Glyd Ring (GSF)
5 Rod Glyd Ring (HIS)
6 Dust Seal (HP)
7 Piston stepseal (HSD)
9 PTFE Guide Stripe/Ring (HST)
10 PTFE cup seal /Postion Ring
11 PTFE Pore Plate
12 Gasket /Seals for automobile engine
13 UHMWPE Sleeve
14 PTFE Machine Tool Guide (With Special glue)
15 Insulation product series
16 Photovoltaic products
17 Locomotive parts
18 Auxiliary products for nuclear power
19 PTFE Rod
20 PTFE Tube
21 PTFE sheet
22 Other accessories
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